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What's this about?

What started out as a personal art project has turned into a collaborative endeavor. The premise is simple: write an exactly 1000 word long story as pertaining to or inspired by an original image. The vision is to share stories that are worth telling through visual art and language. Join in or enjoy!

For Educators

The whole vision behind is to help people tell their stories and give them a place to do so.  I've found there's a fair amount of interest in using this project in the classroom, so if you're thinking about including exactly1000words in your curriculum in some way, shoot me an email (  I would love to help your students tell their stories.

- John Holleman">
Protected by Creative Commons license cc by-nc-nd - basically, this.

In so many words, please respect the artists posted on this site and don't change or sell our work. But by all means, go ahead and share it with proper attribution (or just send people here ;D ). We worked hard on our art, so be cool and give credit where credit is due. If you have any questions or requests to reprint, please email inquiry -at- Thanks.

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